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EveryHerb Sampler Pack

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Not sure which herbs you’ll like best? Want to try the best of all worlds? Why not grab the sampler pack that gives you a pack of nine different herbs! Each packaged separately for maximum mixability!

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Red Raspberry Leaf -- Leafy, reminiscent of a green tea, hint of berry, very light flavour palate that will be overtaken by other herbs. Which is why Raspberry makes a fantastic base herb.

Damiana Leaf -- Bitter, leafy -- Calming. Another good base herb.

Red Rose Petals -- Floral, highly aromatic with a strong flavour, slightly fruity.

Peppermint Leaf -- More intense than spearmint, more refreshing too with a more intense cold sensation and is delicious.

Spearmint Leaf -- Smooth, light, refreshing and a bit sweet.

Catnip Leaf & Flower -- Leafy, mildly bitter, smokey.

Lemon Balm -- Leafy, airy, lemony, lightly refreshing.

Lavender Flower -- Sharp, smokey, apple-like, hint of mint, mildly-floral

Anise Seed -- Licorice! Sweet -- Warning: May literally pop!